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Our current information from DEFRA is that in case of a no deal the current pet passport will no longer be valid for travel.

Pets will be required to have a blood test 30 days after their rabies vaccination and then wait 3 months before they can travel. This means you will need to allow at least 4 months between the rabies vaccination and travelling. There will then also be a need to get your pet health checked and a travel health certificate issued within 10 days of travel.


We are aware that there have been a significant number of cases where a pet’s blood samples have failed the test for rabies antibody even though they are well in date with their vaccination cover. These cases seem to be when the rabies vaccination was given several months or more before the blood test was taken.

Because of this situation the advice from the laboratory is to give all pets a booster rabies vaccination even if they are still in date and then blood sample 30 days later to ensure the highest possible antibody level is reached.

Advice from the laboratory is that although the antibody level is below the threshold of 0.5iu in these pets with failed tests the protection against rabies is still adequate.

Please call the surgery if you require any more information