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Many animals are very frightened and distressed by the loud high pitched squealing noises of fireworks. Some tips are listed below to help reduce the distress and disruption that can occur, often over several nights.

• Walking your pet before the event (before it gets dark for fireworks) will help limit exposure to the noise.

• Providing pets with a safe den (for example, under the kitchen table, beside your feet or under the stair cupboard) can help to alleviate stress.

• Closing the curtains and putting on the TV or playing some music can provide a welcome distraction.

• Trying to keep life as normal as possible will help to reduce anxiety.

• Keeping pets distracted by playing with a favourite toy and games may help some dogs with a mild phobia.

• Use of anxiolytic treatments such as Calmex, Yucalm, Feliway and Adaptil, can all help but need to be started in plenty of time before the problem arises.

• Do not overly fuss pets as this makes them even more anxious, although it is very important to provide some form of comfort if they seek it from you, do not deny them.

SILEO GEL for Dogs - a dial a dose tube of gel that you apply to the inner lip/gum of your pet. The gel contains a calming agent that is absorbed through the mucus membrane of the mouth providing rapid relief for noise phobia. To be used for short term treatment for distressed dogs.

Please call any of our surgeries for more information