Pet Care Plan

Discount Scheme

Save over £100 per year and get at least 10% off everything else.

Our Pet Care Plan provides a simple, cost effective way to budget for your pet’s routine healthcare needs whilst also saving you money.

Just call in to the surgery and sign a Direct Debit mandate to spread the cost of your pets routine preventative healthcare over the year with simple monthly instalments. You can sign up at any time, no need to wait until boosters are due.

The plan includes all the benefits listed below and a minimum 10% off any other costs and professional fees at the Practice.

Pet Care Plan
Monthly Prices*



Small Dog



Medium Dog



Large Dog



*First monthly DD collection will include an additional £5 charge to cover bank set up costs.

Additional Benefits

Annual booster vaccinations* with health check by vet

Standard price £49.50 (dog), £60.00 (cat)

If not already vaccinated, Primary Vaccination Course for the price of Boosters (see above)
Standard price £85.00 (dog), £99.50 (cat)

Kennel cough at reduced price of £37.13
Standard price £49.50 (dog), N/A (cat)

12 months supply of flea treatment
Standard price from £218.30 (dog), £230.30 (cat)

12 months supply of worm treatment
Standard price from £36.86 (dog), £38.98 (cat)

One free consultation per year to use when needed
Standard price £49.50

Free Identichip if needed
Standard price £25.00

10% of ALL other costs and purchases at the practice
*Vaccinations include: Dogs - Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis. Cats - Feline Leukaemia, Flu, Enteritis.