Services and Pricing

Unfortunately there is no NHS for pets and veterinary care can be expensive. According to the latest PDSA survey the lifetime cost of owning a cat can be around £17,000 and for a dog twice this figure.

As a family run practice we are able to provide a personal service, independent from corporate control, and as such can tailor our advice and care to an individual situation.

Whilst offering the best in modern veterinary treatments we make every effort to make looking after your pet affordable and stress free. We always recommend pet insurance as the best way to provide the necessary care for your pet should they be injured or ill.

We will always provide an estimate of costs and full itemised invoices for clarity.

Pet Care Plan

Save over 30% on the annual cost of your pet’s routine vaccinations, wormers and flea control. Also included are 2 health checks a year, a free microchip if required, and 10% off all other purchases and fees at the practice.

Sign up at any time to pay by monthly direct debit. Prices start from just £18.00 per month. Please call reception for more details or click here

Price  List

Registration Consultation                   FREE
Initial Consultation                              £49.50
Follow Up Consultation                       £39.50

Puppy Vaccination Course                  £85.00
Dog Booster                                              
Kennel Cough                                          
Kitten Vaccination Course                  
Cat Booster                                               

Cat Castration           £80.00
Dog Castration <10kg       £250.00
Dog Castration 10-20kg                        
Dog Castration >20kg                           
Cat Spay                                                    
Bitch Spay <10kg                                    
Bitch Spay 10-20kg                               
Bitch Spay >20kg                                   £350.00
All operations include free pre and post op checks,
medication for 
pain relief and antibiotics, and dissolving
stitches where appropriate.

Scale and Polish Cat                                £300.00
Scale and Polish Dog <10kg                   £375.00
Scale and Polish Dog 10-20kg               
Scale and Polish Dog >20kg                  
All operations include free pre and post op checks,
medication for pain relief and antibiotics as required. 
Extractions charged extra as appropriate.

All                                                                    £25.00

Animal Health Certificate
For travel through Europe                       £200.00

First Item                                                        £20.00
Each additional item                                  
Prescriptions are available on request. A health
check is required every 6 months for repeat 

Visits                              £150.00
We have a purpose built. ambulance for visits
and safe transportation of animals.

Pet Care Plan members get a 10% discount on these prices.*
Click here for more details. 

*Boosters and microchipping included with Pet Care Plan.